How To Make Life Easier For Your Vision Impaired Dog

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As dogs get older, they develop a condition of the eyes that’s called Nuclear Sclerosis.  Nuclear Sclerosis is the hardening of the lens of the eye which makes it difficult for dogs to see.  Senior dogs frequently have a bluish cloudiness at the center of their eyes.  That is Nuclear Sclerosis at work and it can eventually make it very difficult, sometimes impossible, for dogs to see – especially in limited light such as dawn, dusk and at night.  While there is no real treatment or cure for Nuclear Sclerosis, providing your dog with a source of bright light at his eye level, such as with a light up dog leash or dog collar, can help tremendously.

Top 5 Reasons Why Lighted Collars For Pets Make A Huge Difference In Safety

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Lighted collars for pets are no longer considered a “convenience” item when it comes to pet supplies. Since the launch of the original PupLight™ in 2004, we’ve received an unbelievable amount of feedback from our customers letting us know just how their purchase of our lighted dog collars made a world of difference for them in terms of safety. Based on our customers’ feedback, we’re happy to present to you the top 5 reasons why our lighted collars for pets make such a huge difference in safety!

1) Unlike a lighted dog leash, the PupLight™ prevents both dogs and their walkers from being struck by approaching traffic from the front and the back thanks to 200 feet of front illumination and 70 feet of side illumination.

The Top 7 Dog Injuries & How To Prevent Them

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We have a list of the top 7 dog injuries as released by Veterinary Pet Insurance Group (VPI) and you may just be surprised when you read what’s included. Plus, we’ll provide you with some tips on how to help prevent these injuries with your own dogs!

WATCH OUT: Little Known Summer Dog Disasters

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We here at PupLight™ want you to enjoy the quickly approaching summer with your best friend so make sure that your pup stays safe this season! We’re bringing you some little known summer dog disasters that can cause some BIG problems with your dog’s health and damper your summer plans.

yard-plant-nature-risks-to-dogs Yard, Plants & Nature Disasters

While common pesticides, fertilizers, plant food and other similar gardening and lawn products are usually safe for pets, there are some such as bait pesticides – which are toxic due to extreme concentration, organic fertilizers blood meal and bone meal – which can cause diarrhea and blockages, respectively, mulch made from Cacao beans – which can result in Methylxanthine Toxicosis (chocolate poisoning) if ingested.