How To Make Life Easier For Your Vision Impaired Dog

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As dogs get older, they develop a condition of the eyes that’s called Nuclear Sclerosis.  Nuclear Sclerosis is the hardening of the lens of the eye which makes it difficult for dogs to see.  Senior dogs frequently have a bluish cloudiness at the center of their eyes.  That is Nuclear Sclerosis at work and it can eventually make it very difficult, sometimes impossible, for dogs to see – especially in limited light such as dawn, dusk and at night.  While there is no real treatment or cure for Nuclear Sclerosis, providing your dog with a source of bright light at his eye level, such as with a light up dog leash or dog collar, can help tremendously.

Cataracts are another common reason for limited vision in dogs. Cataracts, an opacity in the eye thus making vision very unfocused, can be surgically removed with a fairly costly operation.  Some dogs even develop a condition called Progressive Retinal Atrophy which is the deterioration of the retina caused by retina cell death. This causes night blindness first then total blindness and there is no known treatment. While a dog leash light unfortunately cannot restore clear vision for your dog, it can aid helping him get around better and feel more confident.

It is common for dogs to lose confidence and exhibit a real difference in behavior and personality when suffering from vision impairment.  Light up dog leashes and collars can help ease the effects and stresses of these conditions.  Dog owners who have used a PupLight have experienced highly successful results as their dogs have an increased aura of confidence (and safety!) as they get around both inside and outside.

One of our customers, Bonnie Becker, is a foster mom to “Corkie” and had this to say about Corkie’s results with PupLight:

I think your products are excellencorkiet. I just discovered PupLights when looking for help for my current foster, Corkie. Corkie was rescued from a puppymill back in February. She suffers from Dry Eye and having lived in a puppymill her condition was never treated. At this point her eyelids have ‘sanded’ her corneas so much that it is not possible to tell the iris from the pupil. So her vision is like that of a person wearing dark glasses all the time. She bumped her head on our chain-link fence gate a few times and it made me feel so bad for her. I ordered a PupLight and the problem was immediately solved. Last night we even took all three Cairns for a walk in the dark just to see how well Corkie could do. She was just fine and acted like a dog with normal vision.


One owner even decided to keep their dog leash light or collar light on all night so their dog was able to see better when becoming active in the middle of the night.  These types of convenient, mobile lights helps your dog to see their surroundings better and you to see your dog in low light environments.  Light up dog leashes and collars have proven that they greatly assist vision impaired dogs and help them gain back their sense of adventure and excitement when outdoors.

A PupLight collar is a fantastic way to help your best friend cope with vision loss, help him stay safe when exploring and help him return to his care-free pooch life!