Top 5 Reasons Why Lighted Collars For Pets Make A Huge Difference In Safety

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Lighted collars for pets are no longer considered a “convenience” item when it comes to pet supplies. Since the launch of the original PupLight™ in 2004, we’ve received an unbelievable amount of feedback from our customers letting us know just how their purchase of our lighted dog collars made a world of difference for them in terms of safety. Based on our customers’ feedback, we’re happy to present to you the top 5 reasons why our lighted collars for pets make such a huge difference in safety!

1) Unlike a lighted dog leash, the PupLight™ prevents both dogs and their walkers from being struck by approaching traffic from the front and the back thanks to 200 feet of front illumination and 70 feet of side illumination.

2) Compared to other lighted dog collars and light up dog leashes, the PupLight™ is its own separate unit that can be tilted, angled, lowered or raised in order to light the way perfectly no matter your dog’s size, height or length of fur.

3) The ultimate visibility of our illuminated dog collar means that dogs can be seen for up to 3 blocks ahead and 1.5 blocks from behind.

4) The super bright LED lights inside of PupLight™ are forward-facing so are never blocked by the walker’s body and allows full forward visibility to spot hazards such as uneven sidewalks, ice, wild animals, dead animals, glass and other hazards.

5) We’ve even had customers tell us how our lighted collars for pets became a survival tool in inclement weather such as hurricanes when there were power outages, their pets were in danger or lost.

Not all lighted dog collars are created equal. We urge you to carefully examine each product’s specifications, features and benefits before making a purchase. With PupLight™, the safety of the walker is equally important as the safety of the pet who is wearing the LED collar so we recommend that you take the walker’s safety into consideration as well before purchasing an illuminated dog collar or lighted dog leash of any brand.