WATCH OUT: Little Known Summer Dog Disasters

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We here at PupLight™ want you to enjoy the quickly approaching summer with your best friend so make sure that your pup stays safe this season! We’re bringing you some little known summer dog disasters that can cause some BIG problems with your dog’s health and damper your summer plans.

yard-plant-nature-risks-to-dogs Yard, Plants & Nature Disasters

While common pesticides, fertilizers, plant food and other similar gardening and lawn products are usually safe for pets, there are some such as bait pesticides – which are toxic due to extreme concentration, organic fertilizers blood meal and bone meal – which can cause diarrhea and blockages, respectively, mulch made from Cacao beans – which can result in Methylxanthine Toxicosis (chocolate poisoning) if ingested.


If your dog spends a lot of time outside – whether just in your yard, visiting the local dog park or long nature hikes – take some time to familiarize yourself with plants that are poisonous to dogs and poisonous mushrooms as well.

We talked before about wounds from bites, including snake bites, as being in the top 7 injuries to dogs. It’s so much more common than the average dog owner thinks! The scariest part is that snakes can still be a very real threat even if your dog never goes into the woods or ventures too far from home. As one of our customers, Dennis, from Georgia told us:

“Bought a PupLight about a year ago. My wife and I both love it. Last week I was out with my Jack Russel Terrier. We were about to walk into our darkened garage but the PupLight lighted up a six foot rattle snake. We both stopped immeditely and got out of there. I don’t know what would have happened if we didn’t have the PupLight on our dog. It may have saved my life.”

If it wasn’t for their Jack Russell wearing our light up dog collar, they all could have found themselves in a very serious health emergency. Proper LED lights for dogs will help illuminate the area in front of them so that dangers that lie in wait can be seen before disaster strikes.

While it’s great to take a dip on a hot day to cool off, very few dog owners realize that the chlorine, salt and bacteria found in pools, lakes, ponds and oceans can be harmful to a dog’s skin and digestive tract. Always take extra time to rinse your dog off thoroughly after a swim, no matter how ‘clean’ or ‘safe’ the swimming area appears.

Speaking of swimming, maybe someday we’ll invent fully waterproof LED collars for dogs so they, and you, can enjoy night time swims safely. But, until that time comes, it’s best to only allow your dog near water during daylight hours.

summer-heat-risks-to-dogsFun In the Sun? Not Always!

Just like people, some dogs (okay, most dogs, who are we kidding?) really love to soak up the sun. Although dogs seem like they could quite happily lay in the sun for hours, too much sun and heat can cause disaster faster than you can put on your sunglasses!

Heatstroke and dehydration are commonly thought of when it comes to dogs and hot weather, but how many of us think of burned paw pads as an equally common hot weather risk? Even though our dogs’ paw pads feel thick and rough, they can very quickly become painful, tender and blistered from hot sand, concrete, wood or asphalt.

As pet owners, we fail to remember, too, that our pets can get skin cancer just as easily as humans can. Especially skin cancer caused by the UV rays of the sun. Although skin cancer can happen to any dog who spends too much time in the sun, dogs with light or pale skin or light or thin fur are even more prone. Keep sunscreen on your dog or limit their sun exposure in the sunny months!

summer-celebrations-dog-risksSummer Celebrations!

Our dogs love summer celebrations as much as, if not more than, we do. All of the people around mean lots of attention and belly scratches and all of that delicious food is just too good to resist.

You may be surprised to find out that barbeque can cause watery stools in dogs, ice cream can causes loose stools and gas in lactose intolerant dogs, corn on the cob is difficult to digest and can cause choking, and foods with bones, toothpicks or skewers can pierce mouths, tongues, gums and intestines.

After we feast on that mouth-watering menu, we can find ourselves preparing to enjoy an evening of traditional summer activities such as sprinklers and fireworks. Most dog owners know that fireworks can cause dogs to get severely uncomfortable and frightened, but don’t see any real harm. However, dogs can be so terrified of fireworks that they jump over fences, escape from collars and leashes, scratch through doors, dig under gates, etc. to try to escape the loud sounds and rumbles. Fireworks are a common cause of lost and injured (sometimes fatally) dogs during the summer season.

LED pet collars, such as the PupLight™ LED lighted dog collars, can help you easily keep tabs on your dog at night during the summer and, should your dog ever get loose or become lost, their bright light up dog collar will help them stay safe from traffic and be more easily recovered.