Cuddle Me Dry Cuddle Me Dry Cuddle Me Dry Cuddle Me Dry Cuddle Me Dry
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$13.95 - $18.95

I invented Cuddle Me Dry for my dog, Tangent. He loved the security of the cuddly towel and soon bathtime anxiety melted away. Eventually I added removable mittens with thumbs so I could hold him better and get his paws and ears and all the nooks and crannies clean and dry, too. Now he enjoys a good bath and a cuddle afterward!

  • Includes towel and 2 detachable mitts
  • Use mitts with towel for extra control
  • Use mitts separately for muddy paws
  • Hang hook keeps Cuddle Me Dry handy where you need it
  • Keep one by the back door for cleaning after pool or rain
  • Durable and washable (don't use fabric softener)

Comes in two sizes, small for dogs up to 25 lbs, and large for all medium and large dogs.

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