"This has got to be the brightest and best new product I've come across. We live in the country and walk our dog at 6:30am in the pitch black. The PupLight brightens the walk in more ways than one!"

John, U.K.

"Bought a PupLight about a year ago. My wife and I both love it. Last week I was out with my Jack Russel Terrier. We were about to walk into our darkened garage but the PupLight lighted up a six foot rattle snake. We both stopped immeditely and got out of there. I don't know what would have happened if we didn't have the PupLight on our dog. It may have saved my life."

Dennis, Georgia

"I received a PupLight a while back. When hurricane Wilma struck, I put the PupLight on my dog to keep it safe. I used a conventional flashlight. My flashlight went out after about 6 hours, but the PupLight kept working, so I took it away from the dog and used it myself. It shined through the whole storm while our power was out on the same set of batteries. This has got to be one of the best products I've seen. I love it!"

Renae, Florida

"I like it alot. I use it all the time because I know it's protecting me and my dog. People comment when I'm out with my dog that they think the PupLight is really a great idea. The thing I like best about the product is its construction - I've dropped it several times: I even dropped it in the dog's water bowl and it still works fine! It's really gotten a work-out."

David, Palatine, IL

"The PupLight sure is cool! We have five dogs - the dogs think it's great. I put the PupLight on the dog that's a runner and the other dogs follow her around the yard. I always put the PupLight on my runner because I know it keeps her safe and you certainly can find her when she gets out. In fact, the neighbors call me and tell me. That little dog with the bouncing light just went by my house".

Michael, Niles, IL

"Really a great little thing! The neighbors are asking about it - waiting for it to be in stores so they can get one."

Carol, Algonquin, IL

"My mother uses it all the time. She really likes it. Even if she's not walking the dog, she uses it herself. I think she's going to buy another one".

Daughter of Julie, Antioch, IL

"PupLight is really idea for a safer way to walk your dog. It lights the way quite well and cars can see you in plenty of time. It's also a great help when it comes to picking up after your dog."

Sandi, Crystal Lake, IL

"My husband uses it all the time on the dog. He says it probably saved his life and our dog's life because a car almost hit him but then it stopped because it saw the light. It's really a great thing to have".

Amy, Northbrook, IL

PupLight makes your nighttime dog walks safe and enjoyable and makes your dog visible off leash.

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